Developer Resources

Welcome to the Developer Resources Page! Did you know that every dataset on this site has an API? Get started by diving into the documentation, test drive examples, or browse other open data applications.

Getting Started with SODA

So you want to win that hackathon or build the next hot open data app? Follow the Getting Started guide for App Developers at to get yourself started. Learn about finding the API endpoint, building filters and queries, and getting set up with an App Token.                                            

Additional API Docs

Ready to start exploring the libraries and more in-depth examples? Check out the libraries at, for languages like Java, Ruby, and Scala. Explore the API Docs to learn about the output formats and RESTful verbs. Ready to get dive into examples? Check out the example of building a column chart in D3.
How do I access an API? 
Under SODA API, you will find the link for the API Endpoint as well as each column id for that dataset.
Find API information through the Export button.
Every dataset, map, chart, and filtered view has an API! Find the API endpoints and column names through the Export button, under SODA API.

On a tabular dataset, click Export and then expand the SODA API menu to find the API Endpoint.

SODA Dataset APIs

Click here to view all available datasets with SODA APIs.