Welcome to the NASA Data Portal!

NASA's Information Management Program team supports NASA’s efforts to provide access to research and open datasets in a format that is useful for you. In doing so, we hope to spark your creative juices and equip you with tools to innovate your world – whether local, global, or interstellar – by leveraging our digital assets. We may not be able to offer you the ride of your life on a spaceship (at least for now), but we can certainly work together to solve looming challenges here on Earth – using NASA data, tools, and resources.

About the Open Innovation Team

We are part of NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, nestled in the Technology, Data, & Innovation Division under the leadership of the Associate Chief Information Officer for Technology, Data, & Innovation, Travis Kantz. The Technology, Data, & Innovation Division is committed to empowering NASA’s scientists and engineers with the most innovative information technology in the world. This division engages the brightest minds across the Agency to guide NASA’s IT strategy and investment decisions, and to identify emerging IT technologies that can best support NASA’s technology needs in a rapidly changing world. The Division serves as the advanced planning function of the Office of the CIO and tackles policy and organization issues like technology infusion, procurement, and future IT workforce development. The work is organized in three focus areas: 1) Technology Infusion, 2) Innovation and Digital Engagement, 3) and Big Data and Data Management Services. The Open Innovation team also manages Technology, Data, & Innovation requirements.
Please send questions or feedback to nasa-data@lists.arc.nasa.gov.